Font Identifying help please!

I’m working on this logo reconstruct and the business owner doesn’t know what font this is. Any ideas?


Looks like Avenir Next Pro Ultralight. The smaller text that’s in caps appears to be another typeface. Maybe someone else can identify it.


According to what the font, it the closet thing was Modular Sans Roman. The capital R looked good.

@jminrod Did you post the wrong link? That is most definitely not the font.

You must have missed that Just B posted the correct font of Avenir Next Pro Ultralight. :wink:

Sorry about not adding the note to the link.
I was answering the bottom portion that Just-B had left. He said maybe someone else could find the smaller caps version that said SUPERFOOD BAR.

The link I posted was to a font that I think would be close to the SUPERFOOD BAR font.

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Yeah, close is all I could get as well. It’s similar to several different typefaces from Avant Garde to Futura to the one you mentioned. The short crossbar in the F, for example, is different from anything I could readily locate.

Ahh … I gotcha now. Sorry about my confusion. Blame it on old age and not being out of the house for 3 weeks :smiley:

Carry on :smiley: :wink:

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Over the past three weeks, I’ve had plenty of phone and online (Zoom and Skype) conversations, but other than Mrs Just-B, I’ve only spoken to one other person face-to-face.

It was the guy at Walmart who, from about 10 feet away was loading the online-ordered groceries into the back of my pickup truck.

I’ve also done a lot of talking to our beagle. She’s a good listener, but not much for conversations.

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I consider myself a fairly stable individual … but I think I might be going a bit nutty :smiley:

But, talking to the cats help :smiley: Joe is about sick of hearing me talk I think :smiley:

My niece stopped by to get us groceries and I swear I darn near chewed the poor girls ears off :smiley:

I don’t think any of us realized how important actual ‘in person’ contact is until it’s not there. Even for a dyed in the wool introvert like me :wink:

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Thank you!

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