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Has anyone here ever used fonts from Design Cuts such as this: I am curious. They often offer bundles like this and it looks like a very good price. Too good to be true?

Regularly $2382
Deal price: $29
Save: 99%

Hmmmm, that’s an awfully big price cut of the kind I’ve never seen before. I could be wrong, but my guess is that if you bought the fonts from reputable foundries, they’d cost $2382, but that these are low-quality junk. I could totally be wrong, but it sounds very suspicious.

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I get emails from a website that has deals like this. I can’t remember the site off the top of my head. I bought one of their font packages once. I got a bunch of fonts that I’ve never used of questionable quality. I ran the fonts past Font Doctor which flagged several issues. Also, a couple I played around with had some kerning issues. Maybe the one you linked to is better; I don’t know. Based on my experience, however, I’d say save your money and buy fonts from a reputable site as you need them.

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Never heard of designcuts, but The HungryJPEG has some nice assests and some free stuff too. Worth checking out.

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Something that never had a chance of making it into my portfolio was a freelance project I took on about 15 years ago. I was hired by a scrapbooking magazine to create 24 fonts for a promotion on the Home Shopping Network.

I initially turned down the job, but they kept offering me more money until it was just too good to resist. All they wanted me to do was find a bunch of old public-domain type books, then scan the letters and convert them into vector fonts using Fontographer. There was no hinting, no kerning and the glyph outlines were total garbage.

Even so, Baskerville, Garamond, Caslon and a whole bunch of others were listed as part of the package. On the Home Shopping Network, they promoted them as fonts that would normally cost thousands of dollars but were on sale for pocket change.

It normally takes a year or two to design and produce a quality font family, but all 24 of these awful fonts were slapped together by me in about three weeks.

They told me they ended up making several hundred thousand dollars on those awful fonts, and my bank account was quite a bit bulkier because of it too.

I still feel guilty about those crappy fonts, and there’s no way I would hand over $29 to this “Design Cuts” place for their collection that I suspect is no better.

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I have used Design Cuts for mock ups and fonts and never had a problem. My guess is the stuff was never worth the $2k to begin with.

Just take a good look through the bundle, some of the fonts I never use, some I use all the time. I’ve never had problems with kerning, etc that sometimes happen with low-quality fonts. :+1:

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