Font Management Software

Ive had to upgrade my OS and design software and the font manager I was using (Suitcase Fusion) is no longer compatible. Does anyone have recommendations for something that works in a similar way?

(I’m PC based and a Quark user. I realise that now makes me part of a tiny minority. But most applications have versions for both PC and Mac)

SF was fairly intuitive and easy to use. It could also manage Postscript fonts. The only one Ive found that seems even remotely similar is Font Expert but I’m finding that a little overcomplicated. When I need to build a font library for a project Ive been doing I cant just enable a font in one go I seem to have to do every subtype too.

So if there’s anything that works more like Suitcase Fusion or the one it replaced (Font Reserve) I’d much prefer to go with that.

Suitcase Fusion is now Connect Fonts. I never used Suitcase Fusion though, so I cannot comment on how similar they are or aren’t.

I looked at Connect Fonts and being subscription based its going to end up costing me quite a lot more than I want to pay for font software.

It turns out the final version of Suitcase Fusion is available to download and might even work with Quark 2022 on my W10 system. I’ll give it a try.

We used both at the agency, Connect is great for making sure all of our designers have access to the identical library.

At home I use cheaper options. I use Typeface and Affinity Software. I quite like both!

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When I transitioned away from Suitcase Fusion, I tried MainType. It’s PC-friendly and has been pretty solid for me. The UI is quite intuitive, and managing Postscript fonts was a breeze. I’ve been using it alongside Quark without hitches.

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I was advised elsewhere to give MainType a try and seems to do things perfectly with almost minimal setup. My library went over the free edition limit but £50 is a very reeasonable ask for something I cant do my job properly without.

Most people on this forum don’t use MainType because it is PC software and most people on this forum use Macs. But it is good.

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I have used Font Agent Pro for many years on my Mac. It works perfectly.