Font Manager Recomendations

I’ve been using a very old Suitcase Fusion version forever and it did all I needed (categorize fonts). I have about 40 categories and more than two thousand fonts and most of them are not in the Suitcase Vault because of computer space issues. Now I need to be able to use the font manager on my laptop too. That means having to reinstall and categorize all those fonts. I figured I better start using a new font manager that allows me to keep fonts on the cloud OR to import and export categories when the font files are not in a vault so I don’t have to install and categorize fonts twice every single time.

Doe anyone have any suggestions? Trying to avoid subscriptions, but willing to do so if the price is reasonable.

Have a look at [edit: Mac only] Right Font. I’ve been using it for years but without syncing which it claims to do on its website.

I forgot to mention I use Windows. Thank you anyway!

I am a long time Mac user. I have used FontAgent for decades and have found it to be the best. It works equally well on PC’s.