Font Mapping

I used to be able to remap missing fonts onto available fonts. Once set, this would happen automatically with every file I open. So for Instance when I opened a file that used Swiss721 it would use Helvetica instead.

It has been years but now using InDesign on a mixed network (Mac and PC) a lot of files go back and forth between machines. We have the same fonts installed on each machine but we have to go to Font Finder every time to tell InDesign to use Helvetica instead of [Helvetica].

Where is Font Mapping in InDesign?

You won’t find that. In InDesign, font assignment is a document-level attribute, and there is no option that provides the global re-map you describe. Further still, there are cases in which InDesign demands the same font file that was originally designated, so even a later or earlier release of the same font with the same name invokes the missing font alert.

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