Font modifications for a logo?

Is it legal if I do modifications to a font? By modifications I mean draw over it, erase part of a letter, pair it with another font and so on…

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Depends on the font license.

If you are doing for yourself it’s probably ok.
If it’s for a commercial piece to be artistic - it’s probably ok - check the EULA

If you’re modifying it to resell it - then no - it’s probably against the EULA.

What do you mean by “a font”? Are you referring to altering a font file, as in opening the file, making modifications to some of the glyphs within the file, then resaving it as an installable font file? If so, what @Smurf2 wrote is correct. Whether you’re allowed to modify the file depends on the licensing terms. Some allow it, others don’t.

However, if you’re simply asking whether you can use a licensed font, as in typing the glyphs in a font, converting them to outlines, altering some of the letters and numbers, pairing it with other typefaces, etc., of course, you can do that.


Yes that’s what I meant, I was just wondering if there was a limit depending on the font i’m using and my creative liberties.
I’m not modifying any files