Font pages with free font licenses

Hi, i want to know about more pages with free fonts. I like to use dafont, but i want to know more sites. I also use google fonts, still need more fonts :smiley: Thanks Jan

These all have good quality fonts that are not rip offs of proprietary fonts. It is also worth checking out sites like which have a selection of free fonts[*+TO+0]/fonts

I’ve recently had issue with designers sending me designs using free fonts where the font is almost impossible to purchase for commercial use.
Be sure you obtain the commercial license. If I have to email someone through an alias on a freeware site, and wait for them to get around to replying to it, your project may very well be late.

And remember, free fonts are sometimes worth exactly what you pay for them. They don’t always have the best outlines and can blow up in printers’ rips. provides free fonts.
You can get inspiration from the website as well.

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