Font Pairing Question?

Hi! I am designing some t-shirts and am looking for some website recommendations about font pairing? I found one ages ago that helped you match fonts together but can’t remember/find it again. Any ideas please!

This is a pretty broad question. I’m not a pro designer but have 40 years in the print business. Since t-shirts do not use a lot of type, you want to pick a font that reflects the personality of the featured graphic or product. Could be bold, ornate, flamboyant, etc. It would be the main typographical element. The second font would be low key in comparison – perhaps a regular face sans serif to convey info to be read.

I’ve seen font pairing sites, but I’ve never bookmarked any of them. I’ve always just use my own intuition and experience to tell me which typefaces work together.

Generally, it’s a matter of picking typeface pairs that contrast with each other yet still, as @mludwig mentioned, contribute to the personality you’re aiming to achieve.

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I just stumbled across this site:

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