Font question

My graphic designer does not have the font I need for the title of my CD, Is there a way I can create a bitmap of the title in Word and send it to him so he can transfer it to Adobe? Would there be a way to make the background transparent? Or is there any other way to transfer the text in that font into Adobe?

Have you told your graphic designer what the name of the font is, so they can obtain a license and download it?

Yes. It’s Herculaneum. He says he doesn’t have access. Also, from what I could tell it’s $95, which is more than I want to pay.

It’s $35 per weight.

That won’t work very well since the resolution will be far too low to look good.

I’m fairly certain Herculaneum is a standard adobe font–or Apple font.

Have you thought of changing your font maybe? Not to sound rude, but unless the CD is related to greek mythology it’s kind of a moot typeface.

I’m not sure about the legality of all of this. But if you type the title out and create a PDF of that file. Your designer an take the PDF, place the PDF in Illustrator (not open, place).

Then once placed, select the item and form the top menu choose object/flatten transparency and check the checkbox for “convert all text to outlines” and then click “ok”.

Voila … all vector, outlined font that he can use.

Once again, I’m not sure on the legality, but I would think you’re ok.


I was thinking neither one of them had the font since it would be a simple matter to loan the designer the font. Since it’s for the client, I think loaning the font for work done for that client would be legal, as long as the designer didn’t keep it.

It is related to Greek mythology.

Thanks, everyone. I just got the seven day trial for Illustrator. So I can finish it myself.

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