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I’m having a major brain fart this morning when it comes to choosing a display font. I’m looking for something sort of bold and industrial looking for an article on pipelines. Something like Aachen Bold would be great, but I’ve used Aachen a few times before so I’m looking for something new. I’m not opposed to buying the font, but bonus points if it’s available via CC. TIA.

It depends how “close” you want to be to Aachen. Or if you are just looking for something that might match that bold industrial feel. I will say I am in no way a font “expert”. But a few of my first thoughts were Din, Alfa Slab One, Roboto Slab and maybe Flama. Also maybe Bebas Neue or something like Cast Iron.

And while I was digging around I stumble across a pretty interesting site that may inspire you or help you find a font that works for you. Fonts in Use

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If another slab serif is called for, Alfa Slab has always been good to me, but it only comes in one weight. For something similar with additional weights, Roboto Slab might work.

Edit: Dang it, Craig beat me to it. :wink:


@HotButton @CraigB @Just-B Excellent, thanks, all, for the suggestions!

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I just recently did a job that used CC Lexia Advertising.
Might be too similar to your Aachen though

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A while ago I did one called Wigners Friend which is free, you are welcome to that if it suits your needs. :smiley:

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@PrintDriver @PJMiller Thank you, gents!

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