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Hello everyone. I thought I would share this website some of you may already be aware of. I like many of you have way to many fonts on my system. I spent years looking for a program to help me view and sort them. I had pretty much given up until I discovered I invested in the annual pro option and feel it was well worth the money but even the free version is great. I would like to share this post so others become aware of this resource. I also invite all my fellow forum members to reply with their favorite font resources. Weather they be for obtaining fonts or managing them.


Obtain fonts legally through purchasing.
Manage them through UTC cloud.

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I always get mine legally but I work on PC so can’t use any Apple products.

What Apple products can you not use?

I don’t have any apple products not even an iPhone so other than Safari I am not sure what is compatible with Windows 10 or Andorid phones.

I believe what @Smurf2 is saying is that UTC from Extensis is cross platform. It is not Apple only.

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Sounds like promoter spam to me. Not familiar with both PC and Apple?—methinks he’s not one of us.

I am sorry @PopsD I am not a spammer just wanted to share my experience. I did not realize Extensis was cross platform. When I checked them out after they were mentioned everything I saw said it was for apple. BTW I am a woman. I can’t afford Apple products which is why I don’t use them. I also tried out my mom’s iPhone and wasn’t impressed.

I couldn’t find a thread that talked about font resources so I thought I would start one.

Thank you @Smurf2 & @CraigB for your feedback.

Okay then. All is well. FYI, We do get a number of promoters disguised as GDs from time to time.

Every single day :wink: Our goal is to get rid of it before anyone sees it. Most of the time it works :grin:

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And cheers to all of the mods that help keep this place spam free!


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