Just found this site looking for font pairings. Maybe it can help someone here? Font pairing has got to be one of my worst areas. There are SO MANY CHOICES. This is a nice starting-off point.


Thanks for sharing. I’ll take a look.

I enjoy font pairing but I never really know if my choices are any good. They’re good to me :woman_shrugging:

I always like mine… until I see someone else’s! I think I have thrown out entire designs because I just spent too long on choosing fonts. I’m not great at any other decision-making either, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

It varies a little over time, but I have my favorite four or five typefaces that I use repeatedly. I know their personalities, and they usually do what I want them to do. Every now and again, I’ll need something different, but I typically know just what I’m after when I veer away from my go-to favorites.

I also have enjoyed where you can see a few actual applications of pairings.

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