Food ad critique

I’m having a very hard time coming up with a simple ad that looks good.
We have about 9 food items that we want to show in rotation, so there will be some motion graphics happening with the text and pictures.
But I feel like this layout is not very good.
It’s for a Korean based restaurant. I’m having a hard time with colors and fonts and even just the general positioning of the text and food pictures.

We don’t want create a “menu board”, we’re just trying to create a way to promote products that are unlikely to get ordered because people don’t know what to expect.

Your intuition serves you well.

Nothing here is worth keeping. Start over, and make the food the hero.

And while you’re making the food the hero (the food looks appealing), please do not use that tacky, fake oriental type. There are classier ways to say Korean than resorting to bad typography that cheapens everything,


^^^This … 100 times over!

What currency are 15.99 and 12.99? If North American, it’s kind of steep, methinks?

my local bakery sells sandwiches for 10.99 (North East US) and that’s a run down local bakery not a fancy place.

I saw this, and wanted to provide some inspiration.


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This place is in northern British Columbia, very normal to see prices like this at a restaurant. US quite a bit cheaper as far as I know. A 12 pack of beer is 18$ here

BillyJean, it is against forum rules to redesign someone’s project for them.

Let the food stand out! Price should maybe be the next largest thing, I would consider starting over, too tacky.

As PrintDriver mentioned, we have forum rules that prohibit taking someone’s work and redoing it for them. It’s great that you made the extra effort to do so, but keep the rules in mind going forward. Thanks!

Here’s the relevant rule:

Here’s a link to the rest of the forum rules. They’re fairly short and easy. :blush: