For an assignment I need to drop this

So I need to make a post about bad graphic design here is a bad graphic design and feel free to respond about it

Did you create this? If not, it would be against forum rules to post work that is not your own for critique.

god dam it. Well you know of any places? I apprently need to throw a bad graphic design and descuss it they don’t tell me any good places in the doc.

If it’s for an assignment then I’m sure it’s fine.
Suppose wait and see what a mod says.

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How about this…
You start the discussion. We aren’t going to do your homework for you.

Tell us why this is a bad design and why your professor wants you to post it on a forum for discussion.

Maybe your professor would care to join in, I mean, since they seem to be availing themselves of OUR time, maybe they can invest some of their own.

Because quite honestly this is something that would happen in a design class setting where you would interact with your peers under the guidance of said professor.

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Discussing this image fits within the forum rules since it’s likely somebody’s bad design joke and not serious work. Discussing anonymous work from a big, high-profile company would also be OK.

@Fireguy, I don’t understand your assignment. Is your assignment really to post a bad design on the internet and invite people to discuss it. Seriously? Why?

I’ll play along for a little bit, though. What you’ve posted isn’t necessarily “bad graphic design.” I’m guessing the intent of whoever created it was to make it as ugly as possible. If the goal was ugliness, that person succeeded, which arguably makes it a successful design.

Ugly design and good design aren’t mutually exclusive. Most good graphic design incorporates appealing aesthetics as part of the solution, but appealing aesthetics aren’t the primary objective. Form should follow function, not the other way around.

I can only guess what your instructor’s motives might be in this assignment. Even so, it might be better to discuss an example of a big company’s less-than-good or ill-conceived graphic design rather than someone’s intentionally ugly creation that incorporates every ugly design cliche imaginable.

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I think you need to find things that are actually designed badly. Not something deliberately and humorously designed to showcase every bad design choice available.


As mentioned earlier … I would like to hear your thoughts on bad design first and then I will chime in. :slight_smile:

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My mistake for not being clear enough, my apologise. The assignment requries me to replicate someone’s design style but before that it wanted me to discuss graphic design as a bigger part of the whole assignment, it’s silly but it is what I needed to do.
As for my thought here it goes, This design in my opinion is terrible on two big fronts, the amount of colour is a mess to look at being far too bright there’s no balance and the choice of type used, after colour this is going to be the first thing you see being center of the screen. The type in my opinion is just an unpleasant choice to look at I can think of multple other choice that even if he wouldn’t fix the design as a whole would make it nicer to look at. Maybe cursive? What about all your opinons?

I already provided my opinion: it’s not a good example of bad design because it’s intentionally bad and way too easy to pick apart. Choose something that’s real, more meaningful, and not purposefully awful.

You didn’t post this in the student section of the forum. Most of us here have been doing this professionally for years.

Way back when I was in design school, a professor gave us an assignment in an illustration class to intentionally draw a bad illustration. Interestingly, the harder we tried to make something bad, the better it became. There’s a point at which bad crosses the line into being sardonically interesting.

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Understood and no you’re right I have remade a post in the propper location with a much better example where I don’t think it was at all intentional. I’m sorry for my pig headedness here

No need to be sorry. Everything is fine. :smiley:

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This is very bad taste, Youngling (and misspelled as well.) No professional on this forum is impressed by cursing.


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