Ford Capri font ID

Making a custom sticker for a car guy who made a career out of customizing Ford Capris and I was curious if anyone knew what font this is?


It most likely is not a font since it is the logo for the car from what I can see. Meaning, it was most likely created by hand.

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Craig is right that is proprietary to Ford. You won’t find that exact match anywhere.

There are a some fonts that have similar properties such as Kinescope or Deliscript Italic

That’s as close as I can get you without a re-draw.

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Thanks! I figured it could be either one and the other but if there’s a font out there, I always try and find it before tracing it.

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There’s a point where you learn not to waste your time seeking something that might not exist. And if it isn’t a corporate thing, tracing is often quickest and easiest.
The other option being Brands of the World… sometimes. Again, not for corporate work.
Bearing in mind I’m not condoning either tracing or BOTW, but you said this was a personal project, right?

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Nope, there’s a story behind it but long story short, a customer through my work used to make custom parts for the Capri back when they were being produced and he’s coming out with a new car so we made Capri stickers with his custom parts brand included. This custom parts brand has also been copied by the model company Revell for their motor recreations.

That sounds fraught with peril. They have Ford Motors approval?

I honestly don’t know. Upon contemplating it now, wouldn’t Ford have to have kept up the copyright for the Capri lettering since its been 34 since they last produced that emblem? I tried looking for the copyright on but nothing I could find for it and there’s over a 1000 results so I can’t really go through them all when I don’t know what I’m looking for.

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