Form for my exam : can you fill it?

helloooo !

I’m a french student taking my exam to become an art director.
in this context, I have to realize a question and a UX test to better understand the expectations of the targets and also for the communication and all that stuff. This will allow me to make some interesting suggestions.
my exam subject is an event taking place in france. you’ll find out more at the beginning of the form. this event is international, so I thought it would be really interesting to share it on a forum to get people from different countries :slight_smile:
here is the form just remove the space
https ://

thanx all !

How do you go to school to become an art director?
That position requires years and years of real world experience.

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in france, the job is accessible with either a master’s degree or a 1-year training course for those who want to retrain in this profession. no need for experience apparently --’