Formatting a long title?

I am working on a 6x9 book cover with a long title.
“In Case I Forget To Tell You—The Definition Of Modern Love”

The secondary title can be separated, but I’m wondering if anyone has some tips on stacking words? I know about not leaving widows, but are there other rules?

Here is what I have so far…
The background photo is dark and light, which complicates readability.

I can’t think of any gotchas that are specific to stacking lines. There are lots of things to consider when using typography, but those things generally apply across the board.

I think the arrangement you have is good but you’re right the background color is trouble. I’d play around with thicker fonts and maybe the size of the font too.
I couldn’t find your secondary title so I’d recommend enlarging it and moving it to left alignment because we read left to right.

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