Four Ruled Note! - Cursive design

Hey i Wanna make some new four ruled note Design! with certain content in cursive so i tried many font types but noting matches exactly (this is sensitive in my opinion because new ages are going to learn from this) so please suggest some proper font type that will help me :upside_down_face:

Doesn’t it seem a little odd to you to produce cursive content on 4-rule using a computer typeface? LOL!
Part of teaching cursive is proving it can be done by hand.

Im not an teacher LOL!, just need to publish an book for easy understand for students

It doesn’t matter. A book for students that teaches cursive should be done in cursive, not a machine typeface. Hire a calligrapher.

Maybe RKK will be along and can offer a typeface that matches 4-rule.
Still seems like a weird idea.

The only thing I remotely know of this is you could try Cole Carreira.

It’s a font with the 4 lines and used for helping children trace cursive.

Most I’ve seen only come with 3 lines like this:

School Script Dashed

Your question is confusing to me. Are you trying to find typefaces that best imitate the standard cursive handwriting that used to be taught in elementary schools (and still is in some schools, I suppose)?

If so, try these:

Finding the right font seems difficult, though, since the standards regarding cursive are inherently fluid and depend on students developing their own styles within given parameters. In addition, there are multiple ways letters are connected and multiple forms for certain letters — for example the Q and Z can be written in multiple ways.

We did the Palmer method in grade school that used the 3-line paper too.
I remember the visiting instructor would come in and grade us using a 4-sided rubber stamp with 4 different grades. Silly the things you remember.

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Yep … Palmer method here as well :slight_smile:

I bought a fountain pen seven or eight years ago, then ordered a 1928 edition of the Palmer Method textbook off Ebay. I tried but never could quite get the hang of keeping my wrist stiff while moving my whole arm to write. My elementary school didn’t teach it.

I think the last time I used cursive regularly was back in graduate school to take class notes. A few minutes ago, I tried writing cursive again and needed to think about how some of the letters were written. Despite never needing it anymore, I don’t want to forget it.


I always write in cursive. I do not like how I print. I am much like my Mom was. She never printed anything. She had beautiful handwriting. :blush:

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Aaaaah, I never noticed I used my arm to write, until you said that! Now it’s gonna BUG me. For a while anyway. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this i will check RedKittieKat

Im from India here the government itself printing some cursive writing books for students, i know that was not far but in terms for all the students we need an instruction book

Yeah im searching for the standard cursive format