Free, large, sans serif font family with extended

Hi guys. I have a client who only uses Microsoft systems and needs a font family as part of their brand that is easily accessible. It needs to have many different weights. We were using Acumin pro, but they do not have access to typekit.

So, I need to find a similar font family that is either free, or a system font on both Mac and Microsoft.

Any suggestions? It ideally needs to have condensed and extended variations in the family.






List of typefaces included with Microsoft Windows

List of typefaces included with macOS


The only problem being, Mac fonts and Microsoft fonts don’t have the same hinting. You will get word wrap changes when switching from one to the other.

The Helvetica typeface is delicious. All weights/fonts appear with an unrivaled (almost) aesthetic, except for Helvetica Black - It’s clunky, and the kerning is un-maintenance. Univers Black is far superior, but you’ll need a license, and to send a letter appreciation to Adrian Frutiger (despite him recently passing in 2015)

Avoid Arial (my word) and, many will gripe, but avoid Futura - I can’t stand to see this typeface anymore. So sharp and rigid, with it’s obtuse angles - It makes for awkward body type, and it’s bold variations are hideous in my opinion.

Many love it. Don’t get me wrong. There was a brief time I did as well. Try Trebuchet as a replacement. The angles are more acute, It’s better kerned, Bold is not blasphemous, and if you can stomach the descender in the ‘g’ you’re good to go.

Everyone is using that robo-what-have-you typeface these days. I must say, It’s decent.

I use Myriad Pro a lot but that comes with the Adobe Suite, it is not free.

Lato has 9 weights from Hairline to Black and italic versions of each as well as multiple languages supported. No condensed or extended though.

Open source Unicode fonts are listed here:

Thanks guys! I’ll look into all of these

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