Freelance business name philosophy?

I see many freelancers using their personal names as the name for their freelance business. I’ve decided to create a different company name.
Is there a reason to avoid using a created name vs my personal name for a small freelance business?

My 2 cents. I think that for the most part simply using your name as a business name such as:

John Doe Creative
John Doe Design
John Doe Graphics

… is not very memorable. But, I can see how if it is a one man show it does make people remember you and your name. However, I like how a more unique name could potentially grow into a smaller business and it makes you stand out more.

Just my 2 cents.

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I have some strong opinions about this. I’d say far too many graphic designers wimp out and just use their name with the word “Design” (or worse, ‘Designs’) tacked on. I could say more about it, but don’t be annoyed if I call you looking for kitchen or landscape design.

For me personally, my own name rings a little wierd; kind of like when you hear your own recorded voice and you had no idea that’s how you sound. And, although my name isn’ common, it’s also not highly exotic or challenging to say or spell. But despite that, no one ever pronounces or spells it correctly, even after I’ve corrected their errant attempts.

So, because my one-man operation sells several types of solutions, the first thing I design for every client is a strategy for solving their problem, conveying their message, elevating their product, meeting their business objectives, etc. In that context, I named my endeavor Hotbutton Strategies, but only because my wife didn’t like Plan 61F. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I just use my own name because, well, it’s just me.

I like having a conservative business name while letting my work speak for itself in terms of what I’m capable of doing. This, to some extent, I think, helps dissuade the notion some clients have of designers being a bit flakey. In other words, my business name suggests a responsible person who’s capable of doing the creative work associated with it.

I don’t want to overemphasize this as an important strategy, however. Honestly, I don’t think it matters all that much.

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Nope – unless it has something to do with ego.

My thought as well. Building this now as a way to earn extra money, but with the hope that i can turn it into a larger small business.
Thank you.

Interesting point. I can see why that would be an advantage.
I think I’m looking to create a name that is memorable and unique. I’m sure my name will be close attached in some way, but would prefer it not be front and center.

In my business, I am creating a brand that is an asset that I will eventually sell to help fund my retirement. If the brand is synonymous with me, and I’m no longer a part of the business, that can only damage the value of the brand. So, I don’t use my own name, I go with a fictitious business name that describes the service I provide to my niche demographic.


Agree Mojo! I did the same… I’m a big proponent and practitioner of SEO and I used keywords in my domain that get searched, thus landing my business a lot of projects due to local search leads. Plus, like you, if I decide to offload my business, it’s a lot easier to sell something that is not branded with someone else’s name.

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