Freelance Client Question

Hey guys, im still at uni and recently picked up a freelance job and all the client asked that he needed was "I need this done in Vector as close as possible to make it look drawn. image1|659x500

what questions should i ask back about whats required?

Can’t see the image.

As for questions…

  • You might want to ask what style of “drawing” they are looking for.
  • You might ask what the end purpose is. If it’s a logo, you may want to keep it more on the simple side. If it’s an illustration for illustrative purposes, then it can be more complex.
  • You might want to ask if they own the photo… Derivative art does not avoid copyright infringement.

Then, whatever the image is, make it look “drawn” on paper first, snap a shot with your trusty hand device and have at it with the pen tool et al. (there are tools other than the pen tool that make drawing easy.

Depending on final output purposes, you will most likely want to expand and unite all the line art so it is a shape rather than a bunch of stroked lines.

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