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I am starting a company called Intent Outdoors. I created two logos on photoshop but they need to be touched up and refined, which I cannot do. It should not take long for someone who had experience in graphic design; it is small things like changing colors and fixing lines that are off. Is there anyone on these forums that could help a brother out?

Thank you!

This should be written up in the Classifieds … or I can move this one if you wish.

You just need to add your email so you can be contacted for payment info and more details on what is needed.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I heard this line before.

created two logos in Photoshop…

I’m glad. It’s simple things like removing a white background and touching up a line. If that takes you hours to do then you probably should not be pursuing a career in graphic design.

I absolutely did. I’d be happy to send them to you to look at. Keep in mind not everyone is a “professional” like yourself. LOL

I’m a sign guy. Been doing this longer than I care to think about at the moment.
The only way I can make a sign with a photoshop logo is to print it.
And how big I can print it depends entirely on what resolution you created it at.
I can’t cut vinyl, can’t laser cut the letters/bugs in acrylic or metal, I can’t do embroidery, I can’t easily do silkscreen.

I can charge you a hefty set-up charge to make a proper vector logo in Illustrator in order to do all of the above. And even then, there are things you can do in photoshop, that can, more or less be translated into Illustrator, that still make all the signage options unavailable except for print.

What we’re trying to say, with admittedly snide comments is, Photoshop is for creating/editing photo art/imagery. It’s not meant to be used to create logos. Logos are created in a vector program. I’m sure you could find someone to fix your art in Photoshop, but if you plan to use it for anything other than a web-based application, to fix it properly could take a couple hours depending on how photoshopalicious it is.

Maybe yours is, but I don’t know that. Statistically, 98% of the time are gross exaggerations, and, as a professional designer, I know to protect myself. Besides, if it were that simple, you wouldn’t be posting here asking for help.

If I knew how to do it I wouldn’t be asking for help. You are obviously not willing to help out, so why continue the conversation?

Because you presumed to tell a bunch of professional graphic designers " It should not take long for someone who had experience in graphic design". If it was created in PS, then yea, it’s gonna take some time because PS is the wrong program with which to create a logo. We know that because we’re professional graphic designers.


Ok folks … let’s not devour the new guy :wink:

This is part of why we don’t allow possible jobs in open forum. Semantics always gets in the way.

So as I said … @intentoutdoors Feel free to place an ad in the Classified section if you need assistance. You and the designer can then hash out all the details in private.

This thread is now closed.

As everyone is saying, Photoshop is the wrong program to create logos. However, the reason it’s the wrong program is because it produces a file that can’t really be used to fulfill the necessary implementation requirements of a logo. It can’t be enlarged, and as PrintDriver mentioned, the file can’t be used for many of the other purposes that logos are called upon to fill.

I haven’t seen your logo, but there are dozens of practical things that need to be considered when designing a logo. Most of those concerns have to do with the practical aspects of printing and reproduction. For example, the number of colors in a logo might make it prohibitively expensive to reproduce in some situation. The degree of detail might make legibility a concern at small sizes. The use of continuous tones (like gradients) can cause various reproduction problems in some situations. Does the logo work on a light background and also a dark background — most don’t unless they’re designed that way or two separate versions are created.

What I’m really getting at here is that you’ve described a simple job of touching up what you’ve already done in Photoshop. Sure, I or most anyone here could do that, but you’d ultimately be much better off to have your logo assessed by a good designer, then follow their recommendations on how to improve it. At the very least, it would need to be redrawn in a vector program.

I’m not interested in doing this job for you, but I’d certainly be willing to tell you what I’d recommend if you want to send me a screen capture via private message. You’re also welcome to post what you’ve done in the Crit Pit part of the forum for general feedback. And as RedKittieKat suggested, a post in the classified section of the forum would be the way to go if you really are certain all you need is for someone to touch up what you’ve done.

Good luck with it.

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