Freelancing fees charges for a graphic designer?

Hi fellow Graphic Designers, i am trying to get into freelancing graphic designing. Could you please help me what are the competitive rates i must charge from clients. Below mentioned is this list:

Logo Design:
Visiting card:
Social Media Post:
Diary Cover:
Table Calendar:
Catalog Design per page:
Single side Leaflet design per page:
Website banners (4 banners):
T Shirt Designing:
Standee Design:
Hoarding Layout:
Newspapers Advertisement - front only:
Newspapers Advertisement front back:
Trophy Design:
Gifts memento:

Your revert will be a great help to me.

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We can’t give you pricing specifics. Even if it weren’t a violation of forum rules (and any specific discussion of price would be that), we couldn’t know your market and locale well enough to even imagine what you should charge clients. More importantly, we don’t know you, your needs, your skill level, or your background.

Fee for design is $xx. For designing is half of that.


Figure out how much per hour you need to make to eat and sleep and maybe do some fun stuff on the side, then figure out how many hours it’ll take you to do any of those items.

Or you could try getting a copy of this:

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