Freelancing Platforms: What's Your Experience?

Hey folks,

I’ve been exploring the world of freelancing specially freelancing in germany lately, and I’m curious about your experiences with platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, and ** contest site removed ** Have you found success using these platforms to earn money online? Any tips for someone just starting out?

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Without knowledge of your career experience, skills and expertise, it is tricky to even attempt to start any comments.

The forum software automatically flagged your post for approval and removed the mention of the contest site. As you can probably tell, the forum opposes working for free in the hopes that clients will choose your work and pay you. Besides, those sites cater to bad clients, and many of the freelancers are amateurs, hobbyists, and sweatshop workers who churn out junk.

For the more legitimate sites that require portfolio reviews, bidding, and signed contracts with each client guaranteeing payment before work begins, the primary problem isn’t the service—it’s the poor-quality clients, the piecework nature of the jobs, and the not-so-great fees the clients are willing to pay. In the past, I picked up a few jobs on Upwork, and several turned into good long-term clients after I quit Upwork.

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