Friday funny



LOL … Happy Friday :heart:

Have a great weekend :slight_smile:

Thanks. Already started (the advantages of being a bit further East) and now I’m a bit squiffy. Beer at the local brewery, early evening is a dangerous game.

Hope yours is a little more focussed!


Forgot it was Friday!!!

Follow on from the sheep photo…

I will get my coat…

How many posts do I need to post to be allowed to use links?
At the moment it’s blocked!

It’s not a matter of just posts :wink:

You are brand new and need to spend a little time on the forum. It’s a precaution we have in place for sneaky spammers :wink:

Thank you for your answer, for the moment the only links I will need to publish are those to my youtube channel, and the beta videos that would point to my channel (this is explained in my presentation).
Otherwise when I would post the first link (if it is impossible) I would put an image with a short link, people will type the link themselves.

Excuse me if the translation is not perfect, thank you.

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