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I picked up this shirt the other day and really dig the graphic but I can’t find any info on it. Has anyone seen it before or know anything about it??

Well, I know there’s about a million versions of raised, clenched fists. My guess is that it’s just a one-off thing made for this t-shirt and put together without even enough care to get the typography positioned correctly. It’s also a little odd for someone to hold a marker backward with the writing end pointed up — even for a lefty.



The OP asked not for critique but information about the T-shirt.

2 answer: No. I never saw it B4.

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My comment about the typography was not so much a critique as it was evidence that the graphic was likely a quickly made, one-off piece of artwork. The implication being that finding additional information about it might be difficult.

A left hand holding the marker backward and upside down was just something quirky I noticed about it, but nothing to do with answering the question either. Then again, I approach these threads more as back-and-forth conversations.


I got a couple pretty wacky returns on a reverse image search, both of which had absolutely nothing to do with that shirt image.
From goog, One of them was “St.Mary’s Academy of Kidapawan.” No idea why. The other was something similar in Chicago.
Tineye returned 0 hits.

I can’t give you a direct answer, but I suggest asking this question on t-shirtforums (.com). Sorry, I can’t add links.

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I haven’t seen that particular graphic, but I have seen the clenched fist in a lot of places, usually to do with civil rights groups, even a socialist group in the UK.

I think it’s an abomination of the English language!

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Of that, I completely agree.

Y U think dat?

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I wonder if that’s a company logo reversed out of the pinkie. Try cropping tight on that, straightening it up, and doing a reverse image search on just that portion.

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Did nobody think that it’s the hand of the Frankenstein’s monster? If that’s the case, it must be an awfully big marker.

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That was my thought, definitely looks like a slightly branded piece. I was thinking maybe an art school type project for the student store?

I always look for your responses the most Just-B, thanks for weighing in, I think you’re right in that it’s a one off design. The generic fist would’ve been stylized a bit more had it been an official piece I’d like to think.

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