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I’ve decided recently that I want to begin animating my logos/illustrations in Adobe After Effects. I’m not really interested in using AE for video editing or adding effects to videos. That being said, does anyone know any good tutorials/resources for animating vectors? I’ve seen a few Youtube Videos, but not really what I’m looking to do.

Here’s a good example of what what I would like to try and accomplish/the style I’m going for:

What led you to After Effects? The application you choose will dictate what output formats you have available, and After Effects is pretty much completely dedicated to video output. I’m inclined to advise you to consider instead learning and using an application that can output HTML5. Adobe’s app for that is Animate, and others are easy to find by searching for “HTML5 animation applications”.

The end result of what you’re trying to achieve in After Effects — even animating a logo — will still be a video. In order to use After Effect to animate your logos, you’ll pretty much just need to learn how to use After Effects since doing what you want is, for all practical purposes, creating an animated video.

In other words, you’re saying something roughly equivalent to, “I want to use Illustrator to draw pictures of dogs and nothing else, but I can’t find a tutorial about drawing dogs in Illustrator.” Unfortunately, drawing dogs in Illustrator or animating logos in After Effects pretty much requires that you learn how to use all of both applications — not just bits and pieces of each specific to those particular tasks.

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Did you search on Youtube? When I type ‘animating in After Effects’ I get a lot of pretty usefull results…

You could also start with Video Copilot which has some great tutorials. But as others said: the output of After Effects will always be video and that’s where the program is made for. No matter if you work with raster or vector graphics. That said: After Effects is great software and much more powerful than Animate CC. But if you don’t need all kinds of effects, Animate might be easier and therefore more powerful to you.

So it depends on what you’re after for a result.

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