Full color 3D printing w/ inkjet technology

Fully ICC profiled color management capable as well, from what they say. Found this on youtube this morning while eating my breakfast.

Video - youtube - Mimaki full color 3D prints

Mimaki full color 3D printer - Mimaki website


That mimaki’s been around for a few years. $230,000!

I’ve been looking at that tech ever since I found HeroForge.
They print 3D characters on demand for gaming - ie very small - the base on these is 1" d. They’ve been doing these for a couple years now.
(the gaming cube in this picture shows their actual size.)

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Even more fun is the new EFI Vutek UV printer that does 8 or 9 pass 3D texture on flat prints. I just saw one a couple weeks ago and very impressive. While I’ll never buy one, I’m scoping around for a vendor that has one as it could be very useful.


And if you want to go very large 3D check this out :slight_smile:

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we’ve been exploring this kind of thing with our flatbed UV printers. It works pretty well if you build the files right and print in the right order.