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Years ago, I joined GDF while researching information as I was going to start teaching Graphic Design to high school students. I had some design classes in college but not enough to warrant teaching a class by any means.

Through the kind people here who let me into their world without judgment, I developed a class that briefly touches on the various aspects of graphic design. They leave knowing that they have not learned everything and we have only begun to touch on the software, the concepts, typography, the color/trends, let alone clients, grid, and selling your soul to the devil. :joy:

Anyway, this year, I have some kick butt students (some of them have IEP’s) but one student, in particular, fell in love with fonts. I have another year to convince her to explore design as a career since she is only a junior, but for her menu project, she designed this. Pretty fun.

I just wanted to thank everybody here for getting me to a place where the kids are doing some fun stuff. I hope to post some of the laser engraved projects too but that will have to wait.

Front and back of menu, not cut.


That is awesome Tea!!! And I have to tell you … what I wouldn’t have given to have a teacher like you when I was a kid. You love your craft and your kids and it shows :heart::heart:


I think the high school student who designed that font menu could have a successful career in design ahead of her if she wants it. If she does choose a design major, she’ll head into college ahead of the game thanks to the teacher she had who encouraged her.

I went to a small rural school, and there were no art classes, let alone a design class. In my second year of college, I took both an art class and a design class, then immediately switched my major. It would have saved me tons of time and grief if I’d had a high school teacher expose me to it three or four years earlier.


I do too! I think she would be great!

“fell in love with fonts”

reminds me of Brick from The Middle (ABC Sitcom…sadly coming to an end this year). He loves fonts. had a Font Club in High School and even grabbed a Microfiche machine in the house that the library or school was getting rid of.

That is a cool thing your student did.

That’s awesome!! Well done her! Clearly shows that she does indeed love fonts!

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