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Hi, I am a college student and I was briefly introduced into Graphics Design by my teacher. Since I am still unexperienced in this field, I would like some advice on what should I learn to do/ use and what standards should a beginner graphics designer meet in order to succeed in getting a job in this domain. So far I have some experience in Illustrator and I am planning on gaining some experience in Photoshop as well.

I would also be more than glad if you could recommend we a low-medium priced (would prefer not over £80) graphics tablet. I would like one that medium-sized and with multiple customizable keys.

So far I enjoyed designing a couple of logos and doing some simple illustrations, but I am not satisfied with my current level of work. I would like to develop myself in this domain even if it would remain just a hobby.

Thank you for your attention and I am looking forward to your answers.

I was a college student a long time ago when I took a design class out of curiosity. I ended up switching my major and never looked back.

I have no advice about tablets. I bought a Wacom Intuos tablet, couldn’t get used to it and finally stuck it in a drawer where it still sits.

As for learning graphic design, a 4-year college program with as many internships as you can crowd in is the standard way of doing it here in the U.S. Becoming a professional graphic designer is difficult without the degree. I’m unsure how it works where you are.

If you just want to pursue it as a hobby or outside interest, learning the software is important, of course. That’s the easy stuff, though. The more difficult part is practice, critical feedback, experience and developing whatever talent you have.

Some of the online learning sites, like, and have some good courses. They cost money, but they often offer a trial subscription for very little money.

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There’s also CreativeLive and Udemy. I’m a big fan of CreativeLive, especially Jason Hoppe’s teaching style. CreativeLive has some good sales where you can get courses for cheap.

Anne Bracker has a graphic design how-to YouTube channel.

Without a degree or course, though, you may end up trying to put together a lot of pieces on as as-needed basis (and you may or may not realize you need to figure something out or if there’s a better way to do something). A course would at least provide direction.

Plus, learning the software doesn’t make you a designer, so how you decide to proceed could be impacted by what type of work you’re good at and want to do.

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Thanks for the advice, you helped me a lot. I will look into the sources you shared.

Thank you for your help! I will look into the courses you shared.

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You’re welcome!

Thanks for sharing it! I might use some advice.

Follow a routine and learn from you tube for now. Install Photo shop and star with simple work like background remove and background object removal. Try to be efficient. Do not rush, we will always find yourself better the next day. Do these and think that you are liking it or not. Because if you do not like what you do then there is no need in doing that.

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