General Question

Hey I wanted to ask you guys how I can make something fade away to the outsides like the picture below [Adobe Photoshop]


You would have to create the design and save it as a png with transparency. When designing in photoshop any canvas that is exposed and not covered by design will be transparent.

It’s as @claywills said. Doesn’t look like it’s fading to me actually, more like a hand-drawn design created with a pen tablet or a combination of multiple splatter patterns.

A transparent PNG would typically only come into play if the foreground object (the jagged burgundy-colored thing) needed to be placed over an entirely separate image, such as on a website where two images overlap.

I think the question is how was the jagged shape created. It has all the hallmarks of being the result of Photoshop’s magic wand selection tool having selectively isolated areas of similar color and value on a Photoshop layer. Once the area was selected, it was deleted. This let the background image, on a lower Photoshop layer, show through.

An opacity change to around 80–90% was also applied to the layer containing the ragged object. This caused the object to be slightly translucent, which allowed the layer beneath it to subtly show through behind the solid burgundy-colored areas.

The other graphic objects and the writing were likely added to additional layers positioned above the others.