Genius Idea #143 ... Pixel Landscaping

So like in my hood the properties are huge. Huge enuff that when I cut down a scraggly cedar hedge it left an bare dirt patch opening of about 10 feet wide and about 40 feet long bordering my neighbor’s property. After a couple of years of this dirt patch being left unattended my overly ‘considerate’ filthy rich neighbor began coming up to me saying that she had ‘left over’ plants as bedding material … could I use some?

No thanks, I’d say. Thanks anyways.

About two years ago she upped her game … asking me what plans I had for this ‘unsightly’ patch and offering a bunch of ‘overly’ thoughtful suggestions including loads of river rock.

So OK fine, I buckled and planted two plants … side by side at one end. And then genius began gnawing at my consciousness … saying to me hey HEY HEYYYYYYYYY hello … I have an idea.

Genius can be rather annoying to say the least.

Why not accept her river rock offer? And then … grab some large flat screen monitors … the 54 inch kind the 30 inch kind etc., box them in clear poly carb and then connect them in series and then bury them flat face up in the pebble rock? And then … use your computer to create and run some imagery thru the flat screens!!! Fish swimming … etc., etc… create an app.

Hm … not a bad idea Genius … thx!

But why not take this Pixel Landscaping a step further??? Develop a 4 foot wide rolls of flat screen where folks could simply roll it out and cut the ‘material’ to shape and then … plug ‘n’ play … using my app!!!

Pixel Landscaping

Hate to break it to ya but roll-up-able LEDs have been around a while…
Not so much cut to shape though…

…and nor used as an exterior landscaping element.

Nice try tho PD.


Ok, I’ll give you that. But we have been using LED screens in floors of TV studios for years.
The resolution gets better every few years.

You just gotta make it waterproof.

Ya, some sort of clear poly carb coating to seal it up should do.

Devil’s in the details :smiling_imp:

I read that.
Just find a polycarb that’ll last outside longer than the screens… There are some UV resistant polycarbs out there, but they all tend to yellow a bit in the sun after a year or two. Don’t point to the twinwall stuff used on greenhouses. Been there, done that. Replaced too many times to mention.
Go Acrylic instead.

Thick enough to withstand rocks and standing on them.

Ya acrylic was my first thought too … I’ve been working with that material for over 20 years and it is as you say a lot more ‘brittle’ … poly carb can absorb a 45 from close range! … at the same thickness acrylic would simply shatter.

The down side of being so flexible a ‘plastic’ such as a poly carb is the amount of ‘water’ in its chemical makeup. Ever try to polishing the edge of an unbaked sheet 1/2" Lexan or Makrolon as compared to acrylic?

Pouring acrylic is fun too! Would be a nice touch for a pixel landscaped surface to manipulate its light source up into a custom poured shapes of acrylic!

We don’t try to polish polycarb. And you can’t laser cut it to get a polished edge, which is a definite minus in my world.

It’s great for making things kids can’t break…easily… but it is soft and scratches too easily. You can polish weathering off of acrylic and get a few more years. Not polycarb.

Custom poured acrylic. Now that would make it waterproof. Lacking ventilation, but waterproof.