Geodesic polyhedron / Illustrator elements

Hello everyone,

I have a question about re-creating an image in Illustrator and I hope you can help me out by pointing me in the right direction. I saw this image a while back:

(credit: foxrocketstudio on Instagram)

Based on my research the shape must be a geodesic polyhedron. However, when I searched for some tutorials or explanations in blogs I didn’t come across much, which is why I am posting here. Ideally, I am looking to re-create this shape (only the shape for now without the other effects) either in Illustrator or Cinema 4D.

Does anyone know how / with what software was this made?
Any comments, opinions, and/or advise will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks a lot!

Depends how accurate it needs to be - you could simply trace by hand the lines in the image, or you could go full monty and work out xyz vertices co-ordinates…

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I wouldn’t do this in Illustrator. This tutorial for Cinema 4D shows essentially how to do it (at least the first part of the tutorial).

I should mention I know nothing about Cinema 4D, but the tutorial seems to explain the process quite well.

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I’d like to keep it pretty accurate and kind of feel like spending an afternoon learning how to do this haha thanks for the comment !


This tutorial is exactly what I needed, thank you!!

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