Getting Logo "outlines"

Hello everyone
First of all, I’m not a graphic designer or anything, so please bear with me a bit :wink:

I would like to get only the “outlines” of a logo. What would be the easiest way to this?
I do not have super fancy/expensive software as photoshop… But would it still be possible somehow?

For example (I know these logos are under copyright) if I would like to have online the outline of the apple, nike or twitter logo without the full color inside the logo… Hopefully you understand what I mean…

Already many thanks for your replies.

Photoshop would be the wrong software anyway.
If you are authorized to use the ‘outlines’ they would be provided by the company in question.

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If you don’t have permission to use the logo you won’t have the permission to use the outline of them.

The copyright is the smaller of the two legal issues. Those logos you mentioned are registered trademarks. I have no idea what you have planned, but going only on what you’ve mentioned, it could be legally problematic.

Of course, I would not use these logos for sure! They were just for example…