GIF creation software question


I hope I have the right category?

Trying to help a friend in need create this, but not my speciality subject, welcome some guidance :+1:

So picture a GIF, initial small circle of text appearing letter by letter, then larger circle, same text effect, so on for several ever increasing circles.

For a really simple version to see how it could be created, I starting using Inkscape, exported layers into GIMP, great, however I’ve realised the version I need to create could have 100s of layers!

My point therefore, am I going about the choice of software wrong, so is there perhaps other software out there, ideally free or cheap, that would be better suited for this task?

Thanks for your help with this query and any questions please shout.



You’d be looking for something to make tweens

So you basically set the start size and end size then software works out the animation.
You might only export to a video format - I’m not sure.
But plenty of free video to gif creators.

Where will the animation exist? In other words, in what medium will the animation be embedded? A video? A PowerPoint slide? A website? What?

If it’s for a website, hundreds of images inside a GIF will be huge, unwieldy, and take too long to load (if it finally loads).

Animated GIFs are popular because they’re easy to make and deploy. Other kinds of animation formats can get quite complicated to create and deploy.

You might want to acquaint yourself with some alternatives and what’s involved. You might end up not wanting to pursue it since you might find it a bit like diving into the deep end of the pool without first knowing how to swim.


Many thanks for the replies.

Had a eureka moment over the weekend, the solution was actually a lot easier than I thought and also closer to hand, PowerPoint and the WordArt feature! I was definitely over engineering the solution.

It allowed me to create the animated frames and simply export as a GIF to great visual effect, my friend is so impressed :grin::+1: