Gill Sans

A short questionnaire regarding the typeface Gill Sans designed Eric Gill.

Do you work in the creative industries?

Could you identify the typeface using this image?

Can you identify some examples of where Gill Sans has been used?

Gill Sans was designed to compete with Futura. Depending on the application required, what typeface would you be more inclined to use?

Using the article attached, explaining in more depth Eric Gill’s personal reputation, can you separate the artist from the abuser?

Done. Some crazy facts in there! :open_mouth:

I’m sure the OP has read this. It’s a very in-depth article. The title says it all.

Begs the question,
If you believe Michelangelo to be a homosexual and if you believe homosexuality to be deviant (as it seems to be to the Catholic Church,) do you paint over the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?

Similarly, since slavery was evil and Thomas Jefferson was a slave owner, should we tear up the Declaration of Independence and revert to British rule?

This is a vague question. The only answer is, “it depends on the application.” That’s like asking, “Depending on the application, would you use a hammer or a screwdriver?” It depends on what I’m doing.

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