Gold Foil Printing Stamps

Can anyone tell me how to prepare files for gold foil printing (especially for logo insole gold foil prints and logo gold foil prints for cardboard shoe boxes)

I did some artwork for gold foil block printing a few months ago. I asked the people making the block about tolerances (thinnest line, smallest type etc.). They sent me a spec. sheet which gave me an idea about constraints on the design.

You will end up sending a flat file in a single solid colour, preferably a vector format or a high res bitmap image, depending what they ask for. You should reach out to the block maker and foil print shop for guidance.

Oh and be aware that foil block printing is not compatible with some surfaces.

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Thank you. Finally I ended up sending them a vector image in Adobe Illustrator of the logo in the required dimensions using a Spot UV color (Black K=100% or Magenta M=100%) and a Ready for Print PDF files.

Just needed be a solid, 100% black would have done.

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