Good Online school or courses for a certification?

I’m searching for a Good Online school or courses for certification.
I could care less about the cert. I want the knowledge that comes with it.

Knowledge is one thing, hire-ability is something else.
Don’t throw your money away looking at “certifications” if you are looking to get hired.
For instance, an Adobe certificate and $5 might get you a cup of coffee.
Knowledge comes from a more in depth course. Stay away from “we’re gonna teach you the software” type things. You want theory and application. Tough to find in an online course.

I second that thought @PrintDriver! There are many software-focused certification courses. You don’t even want to be certified in graphic design. Instead look for an online course that just teaches graphic design without a mention of certification.

I don’t have a specific one to recommend, but these are mostly in the spirit of what I’d choose:

Learning online is a great way to expertise, but yes if you have to apply in some reputed company the you must need a certificate. I do not think the certificate that you will be provided online would make much worth. You should search for your local designing institution to have a solid certificate and in online you learn anything over and over again.

You are right, there are so many fake online institutions who are fooling people all over the world. People should stay away from them. We should all use online videos only to learn and make ourselves better.

No, you should actually go to school to get the foundation you need to do this work.
Online videos only go so far and will mostly only teach you the software, not the theory behind design. Graphic design is NOT about the software.

And in the US, your resume will not even get a second glance if you don’t have that 4-year degree. Sad but (mostly) true.

I never actually said anything about fake online institutions. They are an entirely separate problem. Adobe is legit. But their certifications - and $5 - will get you a cup of coffee. Not a job.

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In some parts of the world, a certificate might suffice to start out. Here in the US, a certificate without a 4-year degree is a recipe for unemployment. Online videos, and various certification courses can be great for picking up or improving various skills, but they’re no substitute for a degree.

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