Good website to find commercial graphic assets?

I’m looking to start a side business of making invitational letter templates for people conducting weddings, birthdays, or other occasions and I was wondering what websites people visit or buy from to get assets to use when working on stuff like this. Personally I’m more of a font and layout guy as opposed to someone who’s good with making vectors or graphics. Any recommendations are helpful!


Check out
I keep making them myself and I’ve never used that site for myself.

Asking the wrong people. Most here would just make their own.
Check out sites frequented by brides on a budget.

It depends. As PrintDriver mentioned, I typically draw my own. If the client/employer budget won’t accommodate that, I’ll head to Shutterstock or Getty to see what they might have.

I’ve seen loads on Etsy. Though most vendors actually do the personalisation as well.

If you use Getty/iStock, be sure to read their new EULA regarding the need for extended licensing. If you are a maker, you are now in a different price bracket. A significantly higher one.

Good point. I seem to have missed the part about reselling the templates.

With Getty’s new license, it’s a little worse than that.
If you are a designer and providing your client with a finished printed product containing a Royalty Free image, you now have to pay the Extended price. Whereas, if you are just a person bringing an image somewhere to be printed, with no intent to re-sell, you can use their Standard license. It’s a whole added layer of BS. I recently ran into a situation where the cost difference between the Standard and Extended was $33 against $499 and I called them on it. That was an interesting “conversation.” Most times I’m contracted to act as my client’s agent when buying imagery but in this case I wasn’t so I had the client purchase them instead, to save them a boatload of money.

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