Google Fonts? Free or Not?

I saw this website recently:

I wonder if those fonts are free or not?

I am using it for logo of small clients,
Some Blog covers for small clients.
Some Social Banner for small clients.


With each Google font there is a font license which specifies the details of how you’re permitted to use it. On the main page of the font of your choice, scroll down to the bottom right. You’ll see a link to the user license.

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Be very aware of any license language that says you cannot use the letter outlines to make fabricated objects. As a signmaker, we are recently seeing that language, which means we have to contact the font foundry to ask for permission to cut those letters out and put them on the wall as any kind of 3D object, whether in metal, plastic, 3D printed or otherwise (I believe it is aimed mostly at the 3D printing market.)

I don’t know that google fonts has that, but the first person that makes me contact that behemoth for permission is gonna be on my list forever.

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Wow! That’s a good thing to know to look out for, thanks for sharing!

There is a constant pull between the utility of live fonts vs outlined fonts in production. We require all fonts to be outlined, but if we need to make a text change…

We don’t require it but we do make an effort to stay relatively “legal” with them.
Yes, the text change on the production proof…

That press proof is to check for the Print Vendor’s mistakes. It is NOT another opportunity to proof read your copy and still make your deadline. A lot of times too, a press ready file has had…things…done to it where if you submit a new file to start the process over again, there is a good possibility there will be a “file change” fee to cover re-doing that work. (Especially if it is an image-intesive long rip.)

I might be cynical saying this but almost everything online that is “free” is really just an informational gathering algorithm. Like if you sign up for shopping coupon or discount code services, all they are doing is tracing your purchasing history for advertising purposes.

Google shares everything with everyone.

I dont know exactly, but I think there are some limitations to use them.

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