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Hi Y’all

I’m looking for a Google Font that has a checkbox character (a little square).

Does anybody know if such a thing exists? I tried searching the Google Font library for ‘symbol’ or ‘dings’ but nothing turned up.


A checkbox is a standard unicode character. Unicode is the agreed-upon way that characters are referenced in fonts. Checkboxes occupy positions U+2610, U+2611 and U+2612. In HTML, those positions are referenced by #9744; #9745; and $#9746; entities.

There are many thousands of unicode positions, however, and there are no fonts that contain all of them. Relatively few fonts contain U+2610 through U+2612 (the checkbox positions), but there are some that do.

If you’re looking specifically for Google fonts with those glyphs, even though they’re not listed as part of the character set on the Google Fonts pages, Source Serif Pro and Source Code Pro has them. There are probably others, but I’m sure about these two fonts.

Even the font used by this forum contains check boxes in those unicode positions. :ballot_box_with_check:


Great answer by @Just-B. Just in case you wish to create your own checkbox; with the icomoon app ( you can upload your own svg graphics and create an icon font, so a font with your own graphics inside.

Thanks for the responses, great stuff!!

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