Google Imagen - A.I. photorealistic text-to-image

Saw this today, it’s pretty incredible what an A.I. can come up with:

I wonder whether technology like this will disrupt our industry in some way shape or form in the not to distant future. Imagine there being no stock photography sites, you just describe the image you want and a computer generates it all for you?

Holy Moly

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It can be an awesome additional tool for creatives if it works (better than Dall E mini)


I went and played with Dall-E a bit. Um … I’m not too worried of it taking over anything, anytime soon - unless they are looking to make a horror movie :wink: I can see why it’s free LOL!

Now the Google thing would be cool to play with by the looks of it :smiley:

It was slightly … and I do mean slightly better with a landscape:

Thought I would try some inanimate objects:

The coffee ON the donut is cracking me up :grin:

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Cowboy riding a frog

Brains spread on toast

Monkey in a bottle

An alien surfing


I was listening to Joe Satriani earlier today, which is why I entered it. :grinning:

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One of my summer jobs during college was working at a stereo shop. Surfing with the Alien was a popular demo disc.

For me, Santriani’s Surfing With The Alien brings back decades-old memories of a weeklong houseboat party at Lake Powell in southern Utah. In other words, cases of Australian beer, lots of girls in bikinis appearing out of nowhere, Jet Skis, 100-degree temperatures, redrock cliffs, and spending an evening in police custody at the Marina.



This is an interesting technology. I wonder how it will impact our jobs in a decade

I’m not going to worry too much. Imagine the copyright issues. Those images are coming from somewhere.

photo of original painting was provided

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