Google now has an AI option within Image Search

I’m not exactly sure when this started … but it’s fairly recent. I went looking for a new wallpaper for my screen and saw this little blurb in the mix … so of course I had to play a bit :wink:

So, I clicked it.


It shows you 4 possible choices and the prompts it generated based on your search terms.

If you aren’t happy with those results you can click edit or export to save.

If you click edit a new screen opens up:

I changed things up a bit:

I like the results I got from toying around with it briefly.





Also you get a 1536 x 1536 if you export from the edit screen and you get a 512 x 512 if you export from the Image screen.

I know there are tons of mixed feelings about all this. I am just passing this on if any one is interested in giving it a whirl. It all just fascinates me right now :slight_smile:

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You must have to be logged into your google account to do those.
I don’t get that option on an anonymous search.

I look at some of this stuff now and wonder why I even bother to pick up an art pen anymore. Kinda discouraging.


Yep, I was logged in. :wink:

It must be an experimental thing they’re slowly rolling out as a test. I couldn’t find it with any image search until I typed in the same query you did: Autumn Pictures Wallpaper.

The images it produced for me were really good, but there were no options for anything but lower-resolution square images. It also kept telling me at about every other attempt that “AI-generated images aren’t available for this.”

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I poked around and even being logged in I didn’t see any option to generate images through image search. I wonder if it is because google (most likely) knows through tracking that RKK visits many AI image generating sites and so it serves it up to her to try. And possibly Just-B due to the recent makers campaign he did.

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Well what a pain the patootie! Sorry gang. After searching a bit, I think I figured it out. I allowed Search Generative Experience (SGE) many months ago through the Google Lab. I completely forgot. I never gave it a thought when I saw the prompt on Image Search. After searching - ‘‘Google AI image generator’’, this is what I just found:

Oct 13, 2023Google has begun rolling out a new AI image generator feature that’s integrated directly into Search. If you’re opted in to SGE, you may see an option to create AI-generated images directly in Google Images, as part of this experiment.

So, If you want to try it, you do need to be logged in and on the upper right click the beaker jar (Labs icon) and turn on the SGE, generative AI in Search card. I’m thinking mine did automatically since I allowed SGE months ago.

That’s my best guess anyway :wink:

… and nevermind I guess. It’s gone for me now as well LOL!!! :rofl:

I don’t see it anywhere. It does say it’s ending in December 2023. I guess they wanted to just show it off and see what response they got.

How odd though. I only get to see it for a couple hours then poof! Not much of an experiment Screenshot 2023-06-30 8.38.18 AM

** edit ** I put in my original search term like Just B did and it’s there. Did I somehow pick the 3 magic words? This is nuts LOL :laughing:.