Got kids?

Still trying to get my son to sleep tonight, it’s been 90 miserable minutes so far tonight. Sleep training sucks… we’re on day 15.

Tell me your awful stories.

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No kids here, but we do have a dog that unexpectedly went into heat a few days ago before we could get her spayed.

In the middle of the night, she jumped up on the bed just long enough to vomit. She was so frightened by our jolted-out-of-sleep reaction that she also peed on the bed before we could get her outside.

Of course, she wouldn’t come back in, so we had to get flashlights and search for her in the trees and bushes to make sure she didn’t dig beneath the fence to look for boyfriends.

Of course, all this took place during a thunderstorm, so we were soaked. When we finally got the dog out of the bushes, she was covered with mud, which meant a middle-of-the-night bath.

An hour later, we finally got back to sleep just as she began howling at the top of her lungs with the kind of gusto that could have easily been heard two blocks away by every annoyed neighbor who also couldn’t sleep due to the ruckus.

There was little sleep for anyone that night.

Congratulations on your son, by the way. Soon he’ll grow up into a teenager, and you’ll regret ever having complained about losing a little sleep. Instead, you’ll be losing sleep over other, more problematic, issues related to that little bundle of joy suddenly changing into an adolescent monster.



There are no awful stories. Some of them are awesome, while others are bittersweet.

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WOW. Thanks for sharing that. When it rains it pours, right? I feel your pain. I grew up on a farm in Ohio and we had quite a number of nighttime emergencies/adventures like that. They do make the best stories though!

We don’t have a dog, just a cat. He comes over to us a yowls at us when the baby is crying. Y’know to make sure we heard. We interpret that as “Baby cryin”.


Cheers to that Henry.

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I have kids. They are quite a bit older than your kids at this point. Fortunately, all of my kids inherited my sleeping gene, so getting them to sleep or sleep through the night was never a problem.

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Thanks for rubbing that in Steve lol.

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Trust me, we have sleepless nights for whole other reasons, now.


It takes months to get kids to “sleep through the night” (if you’re lucky they’ll sleep 4 or 5 hours straight.) Over time that grows into 7 or 8 hours or more. It feels like it will never happen, but it will.

There are challenges all along the way when you have kids. Especially teenage years. But, at the same time there is a lot of “good” along the way. That’s just the nature of life.

In a few months those sleepless nights will just make you appreciate the sleep (you finally will get) even more.


Never had kids. I’m still training myself on how to sleep.

… it’s not going well.



That little darling of yours is quite the handful. I must say I enjoy reading about her adventures :wink:

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First a lot of money then kids :smirk:

No Kids. That warning on medicine bottles and such like that says “Keep away from Children” - I take that as good advice at any time.