Gradient-texture effect in illustrator?

Hello all,

i want to get the same colour and effect like on these billabong flip flops. I made a gradient with the same colours but couldnt get the same texture. Does anyone have an idea how this was made? :slight_smile:
Im doing flat sketches of fashion items and sometimes its tricky to translate the texture in a vector drawing …


flip flops

Here are some examples those sketches look like

One possible solution would be to buy a pair of solid-colored flip-flops, cut off the straps, scan the textured side, adjust curves and/or levels in Photoshop to accentuate the texture, and then import the results in to AI and apply as texture or import the results in to AI and auto trace. Either way, it will involve some experimentation with layers and blending modes, but I don’t think it would be too difficult. This is all assuming that texture is not propriety or the copyright of Billabong.

Complex and organic textures aren’t typically a good match with vector outlines. They tend to get so detailed as to make them impractical. I auto-traced a small portion of the texture and attached a screen capture.

How the original texture was created in the first place, I don’t know, but I’d be willing to bet that it wasn’t done in a vector drawing program.

Thank you very much for your effort and answer! At least iam not the only one in finding this difficult. Guess i have to improvise a bit in order to get at least a similar effect. Maybe i try to make a gradient with different colours and add some noise in the texture with the effect panel in illustrator :man_shrugging:

Hi, thank you for your answer. Your solution sounds very interesting, the problem is iam not good at all with photoshop, its been some time since i used that program. But maybe it has a better solution to the problem than illustrator…

You could look for random wave textures on stock sites. I saw two on my first shot that could be used for this. On Dreamstime they were called overlay wave texture but once you find one, you can pull the keywords and go.

Hi Printdriver,

thank you very much for your help! And you helped me a lot! Got some effect in illustrator and then applied a half tone texture on in. Thanks a lot! Greetings and have a nice evening!

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