Graphic app or effect

please can you tell how can i do it?
I have photo of car and i want to make as photo 2.
How can i do it of blue car on the wall?

Hi and welcome.

I am guessing, by your question that you have no experience in this area.

There are filters that can do similar, things reducing photos to flat colour, but your best bet is find a good illustrator, versed in this style. Filters will not give you as good a result, plus you’d then likely need to vectorise them anyway, if you want to blow them up large, as in your first pic. Have a search in Behance. You’ll find plenty of illustrators who can do this.

Hope this helps.

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An app or an effect?

As Sprout mentioned, there’s no app that will give you anything but poor to mediocre results. What you’ve posted was created by someone with years of practice in drawing and illustration.

I am drawing a blank, but on the older defunct GDF there was a guy that did really amazing vector drawings of cars. I can’t think of his name. His work was similar to the first photo of the blue car.

I think that was YNOT (Tony) from TMoore Graphics and has a page over on FB :slight_smile: I used to love seeing his Rat Rod sleighs he would create for Christmas.

That’s who it was. Good memory @RedKittieKat.

I always liked his illustrations.

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Hi, thanks and can you send me a link?
I can’t find it on FB :slight_smile: