Graphic design assignment question

I just started to do graphic design course online, and I am stuck on a question which I cant get my head around it. What is postscript and how does it fits into the design process? If anybody have an answer for this or just explain it that would be very helpful thank you.

I could give you the answer, but I don’t want to do your assignment for you. Read this Wikipedia entry or this page on Adobe’s website on Postscript and then tell us how you think it fits into the design process.

It might kinda stink if they don’t know anything about printing. Graduates of design courses probably couldn’t answer that question today, let alone someone just starting out…

By all means, read more about it. You don’t need to learn PostScript, but knowing what it is and its importance to graphic design is fundamental to understanding how computer vector graphics work.

When reading about it, all the detail might get in the way of understanding why it’s important to graphic design.

PostScript is the computer language that made (and still makes) vector graphics possible. It’s a page or image description language that’s behind everything from today’s computer fonts to the graphics drawn in Adobe Illustrator to pages laid out in InDesign.

PostScript is the language that enabled Adobe to become a multi-billion-dollar company. PostScript is to vector graphics what HTML/CSS is to the web.

If you don’t know what vector graphics are, that’s the next thing you need to look up.

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