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Hi Guys,

So I’m doing research for my intern assignment and I was wondering if I could get some insights from you guys!

I’m researching if it is possible to automate part of the design proces. I.e. generated compositions on which a person can build on. What are your thoughts on this subject? Could it be something that would work? What are the upsides / downsides?

Let me know what you guys think!

You can’t automate the creative part.
What you can automate is repetitive tasks. I have all kinds of Batch scripts set up in Photoshop and use (but don’t write) scripts for InDesign.
Give AI a little time and they might come up with autogenerated “templates” based on parameters, but the same thing will happen that happened with the advent of computers. Everyone using the software the same way and getting the same cookie-cutter results. I was in art school when they installed a computer lab able to run Illustrator 5, Photoshop 3 and Quark. All of the most creative kids in the class allowed the software to hamper their creativity and got stuck in the same design rut until we all got together as a class, with the manuals, and figured out how to make the software do what WE wanted. Don’t let the machine rob your profession of the ability to create.

Check out this thread:


That’s great! Thanks a lot!

I agree, the creative part can’t be automated. But I think it would be interesting to see how a (partial) automated proces can lead to new insights and thus help someone to explore new creative ideas!
But like you said, the software should do what we want it to do.

That sort of depends on your situation. As PrintDriver said, automating creativity isn’t currently possible (and probably won’t be anytime soon).

However, for example, with periodicals, like magazines or newspapers, once the initial template is designed, that template is always used as the starting point for subsequent editions. In a brand development project, the goal is to establish a workable template, of sorts, for the company to use as the foundation for subsequent design work.


Not yet and not easily. Theoretically, everything creative can eventually be automated.

Here’s another thread on automating graphic design.

Just sayin’

I’m not sure we have much choice in the matter.

The creative part can’t and shouldn’t be automated. The creative part is what makes design special.
But like you said, automating part of the proces, the part that can be predefined could be interesting.
In any case, the human touch shouldn’t be cut out.

Thanks a lot for your input!

Things that can be automated, eventually will I guess. But if it’s possible to flip it to our advantage and use it in such way it can help us to spend more time being creative, it could be a good thing.

It all depends on why the company is automating. Here’s an interesting article about different reasons to automate.

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