Artificial Intelligence Engine Turns Doodles into Stunning, Photorealistic Landscapes

A novice painter might set brush to canvas aiming to create a stunning sunset landscape — craggy, snow-covered peaks reflected in a glassy lake — only to end up with something that looks more like a multi-colored inkblot.

But a deep learning model developed by NVIDIA Research can do just the opposite: it turns rough doodles into photorealistic masterpieces with breathtaking ease. The tool leverages generative adversarial networks, or GANs, to convert segmentation maps into lifelike images.

The interactive app using the model, in a lighthearted nod to the post-Impressionist painter, has been christened GauGAN.

Demo Video

Read the Research Paper.

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Freaky. And not necessarily in a good way.

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Take my money!


Well … at least let me “try” it for free (I hope) Looks like loads of fun to play with.

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I get what you mean. As a young artist and designer this kinda freaks me out and make me question about my choices in my career. :sweat_smile:

But yeah, everything will be more automated. Everyone will be able to make this high super reality hq images (bye bye expensive stock photo’s)?

However i speculate this will take years before it’ll mature. But I’m curious to what extent this program is able to visualize

Just my two cents :face_with_monocle:

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When it typesets a 4 panel menu, i’ll be forced to resign. Gas station attendant, or sushi chef perhaps.

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In high school we had a teacher who was fired for touching female students inappropriately on the shoulder/back. A few months later I saw him working at a local gas station. Your comment reminded me of that

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That’s a bit of a stretch! But just results if you ask me, too much of that crap is left overlooked and goes without consequence. I don’t know what’s wrong with men, and furthermore don’t know whats wrong with the judicial system when it comes to such cases. It’s terribly disgusting.

Neat, reminds me of Bryce and it’s randomly generated 3d landscape button

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I imagine Adobe Creator 10.3 will offer voice activated creation mode. You simply talk to your computer and it paints / designs your words / thoughts. We still need a human with a good design sense, a person who understands how communication works, how to build a brand, etc., but all the technical complexity is removed. Scary, but it was scary a few decades ago, when the first Mac arrived on the scene, and we didn’t have to manually cut and paste no more to create art.

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I’m currently building, what I call, the DesignBot:Auto - A design droid of sorts to replace graphic designers. If I’m going to be sunk by automation, I might as well be the one to make it!

Currently it just shouts “INPUT DESIGN PARAMETERS” and doesn’t actually DO anything. But soon, just you wait,

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I often make that list in my head too; drummer in a Led Zeppelin tribute band, slinging grilled meats in a food truck, etc. Then I remember back when I first noticed that if you’re willing to handle raw sewage, you can pretty much write your own ticket. Not the same aromatic classification as the food truck, but still…

OoOo… I smell profitability.
The delightful scent of fecal waste and cold hard cash

Coincidentally the description on the bottle of cologne that I’m wearing


lmaoooooo :smiley:

I have to remember not to take a drink when reading this forum :wink:

a black and white commercial, the imagery is pointless and at random, the music is bazaar and melancholy

Feces. For men. By Obsidian.
Also, Sewage. For Women.


…Also by Obsidian.

Are we discussing the contents of a bottle of cologne or a colon?

At… this point…
… we could go wither way.

Does bazaar music have a defined quality. I vaguely remember music while wandering the Khan el Khalili in Egypt…(not the store, the actual street vendor area.)

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