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Hey all,

My boss said to me the other day “you haven’t been to a conference right…you need to go to one this year.”

So, any conferences out there (in the US) that you like and are worthwhile?

last conference I’ve been to was pre 2010 at the Paper and Stationery Show in NYC.
Others here have gone to HOW and Adobe MAX last year.

Adobe Max and Creative Pro have been a couple I was looking over.

Any help, ideas, suggestions welcome. SXSW is not an option…somebody already mentioned it and it was kinda denied . :frowning:
Thanks in advance

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AIGA always comes to mind :slight_smile:

I found this article with a lot of choices for 2018. Maybe it will help

That’s so cool of your boss. When I was employed, I had to beg to go.

I don’t have any suggestions but I go to one in my city every couple of years. They’re so expensive it’s hard to justify the cost every year now that I’m the one paying.

Plus the fact that most of the speakers have done a few talks by the time they reach Auckland, New Zealand and I’m quite likely to find a similar talk online.

I do enjoy soaking up the energy and geekiness that are design conferences though. If someone else were paying, I would totally go every year. I always feel great after a design conference.

Not a design conference but I have really enjoyed the “Digital Summit” conferences. I went three years in a row and learned a ton about digital marketing, creating content and being creative.

What type of design do you do?

Good question.

Print, light packaging, some static digital, some logo work,
Using adobe illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign.

My boss told me the same thing! I picked HOW April 30-May 3 in Boston. I’ve been to a few licensing conferences but haven’t been to a design one in 5 years.

HOW is in Boston this year?
I usually do the ISA around that timeframe.

ISA usually has a design track that would cover large format printing, signage and possibly packaging, but they haven’t posted the schedule yet. The Expo show floor is potential sensory overload for a designer.

Another up in Chicago, again too early for a session list.

Adobe Max is pretty intense. I’ve never been.

D-Frag mentioned the Summit conferences. Those are good too if you find one in your niche.

I don’t know if anything here floats yer boat:
There are other events listed by city here:

I went to Adobe Max this past October and really enjoyed it! Just make sure to sign up and pick out your sessions early (like whenever they allow you to start doing this). There were a couple of sessions I wanted to attend that were fully booked. But I learned some cool stuff, met some cool people and had a lot of fun.

Yeah Printdriver, it’s in Boston. I’ve never been there so I’m looking forward to it. Seems like the sessions will be interesting. Unfortunately, I have to be in New Orleans for Jazz Fest on the 3rd so I’ll leave on the evening of the 2nd and miss the last day. I bought a full ticket so I’ll have access to the session recordings and can share them with my assistant. I’m looking forward to it.

Boston in May is great. Not too hot and most of the snow gone.
I just hope you aren’t driving…$35+ for parking in most garages, forget on-street in most places, and, well, the locals drive rather…colorfully. :scream:

I’m not getting a car. I have zero sense of direction. Anywhere I go for the first time, it’s guaranteed that I’ll get lost despite Siri’s help. I even make extra time for it. I also have left/right confusion. I got so concerned and frustrated I finally consulted a doctor about it. I know I’m intelligent, so I didn’t understand why I can’t comprehend these basic concepts. He said I’m not special needs and this is common for people who use both hemispheres of their brain equally. So, I refuse to get a car to navigate Boston. I’m staying at the Sheraton right next to the conference center.

If you’re in the south there’s a small, inexpensive design gathering happening in Baton Rouge -

There’s also in Fort Worth.

I think such an activities participation can really make the difference in your skills and knowledge in the filed of graphic designing ,…

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